Submitted by: IPUS - Industrie-Produktions- und umwelttechnisches Service GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Innovative rapid analysis of liquid manure with IPUS NIRS Nanobag

The innovative IPUS NIRS-Nanobag® rapid analysis enables continuous determination of the biological process state of a biogas plant. This avoids crashes (and related high costs) while improving the utilization of the substrate and assuring the quality of the fermentation residue, which in its optimally fermented state can be removed environmentally friendly. Thus the emission of climate-relevant gases can be reduced. The speed of analysis enables rapid intervention in the event of problems. Furthermore, with the help of this innovation, for the first time it is possible to determine the recycling potential of agricultural manure in order to achieve optimum nutrient management for agrarian areas and avoiding over-/under-fertilization for the benefit of the environment and water protection.

Category: Fire