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Submitted by: FIN - Future is Now Kuster Energielösungen GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Not a passive house, yet only 7 kWh/m²A

At least 50% energy savings can be achieved compared to a conventional heat pump system. The brine solar heat pump utilizes previously unachieved solar harvest (e.g. diffuse irradiation) to prewarm the heat exchange medium coming from the ground collector. The ecological signature of the house is a façade solar collector that assures high efficiency during the heating period. Especially low return temperatures from the brine heat pump circuit and the cement core activation predict an annual harvest of more than 540 KWh/m² of collector surface based on simulation computations. The increased solar utilization enables transferring the solar harvest to the storage mass in the foundation plate. The process of concrete core activation is a fixed component of the concept. A comfort ventilation system provides recovery of ventilation heat losses and provides high living comfort via hygienically correct air exchange.

Category: Earth