Submitted by: FRIKUS Friedrich Kraftwagentransport und SpeditionsGmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Biodiesel brings ecology to truck transport of cargo

According to a study by Austria’s Automobile Club Academy concerning CO2 emissions caused by humans in Austria, in 2005 we will achieve total emissions of 91.7 million tons, 8.2% of which are due to truck and bus traffic and 9.6 % to automobile traffic. In order to counter this situation, the Frikus company, Styria’s largest cargo carrier, is testing biodiesel in its fleet. Biodiesel has an energy density of 9.2 kWh/liter, or halfway between gasoline (8.6 kWh/l) and diesel (9.8 kWh/l). Therefore this oil is not only an ideal replacement for these fuels, it also affords an enormous chance for Austria’s domestic agriculture. Furthermore, Frikus is preparing strategies for optimizing traffic flow and in its trade puts particular emphasis on ecological aspects.

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