National Energy Globe Award Finland (overall winner)

Submitted by: Ekokem Oy Ab
Implemented country: Finland
Title: Closed-loop energy recovery from municipal solid waste

The main goal of this project is to create a closed-loop energy recovery system for source separated municipal solid waste through cooperation between municipalities and industry. Ekokem Ltd. built, owns and operates a new W2E plant (W2E = waste to energy) in Finland. Waste is used as a renewable fuel to produce power and heat for two cities (Riihimaki & Hyvinkaa) that provide district heating to their local households and industry. A new pipeline connects the two cities and thus improves energy efficiency. As a result fossil fuels oil and gas are to be completely replaced by renewable energy sources and emissions are to be reduced to a minimum. Kiertokapula Ltd. offers municipal solid waste collection and recycling service for 17 municipalities i.e 320 00 people. This also includes organic waste, which is not deposited in a landfill but recycled as biomass to energy. Two municipal waste landfills were closed down as a result of this project.

Category: Fire