Submitted by: Ernst und Trude Pichler - Postalm in Neukirchen a. G.
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Mountain cottage with 100% renewable energy & mobility

Quirks of weather, climate change and melting permafrost, along with requirements by authorities and growing expectations of visitors make energy supply in many mountain cottages ever more difficult. At an elevation of 1700 meters, Ernst Pichler launched a project for his cabin that serves as a harbinger across Europe. In the mountains of central Austria, a technology mix of solar energy, hydroelectric, photovoltaic, electrolysis (hydrogen production), fuel cells, micro-district heating and hydrogen combine to an overall energy system. This will make Pichler completely independent of fossil resources. Regarding mobility, the project includes two biomethane-driven 9-passenger vehicles (Pinzgauer) developed by Magna Steyr in Graz.

Category: Water