World Energy Globe Award (Earth)

Submitted by: Environment Alert
Implemented country: Uganda
Title: Integrated Nutrient Management to attain sustainable productivity increases in East AfricanFarming systems (INMASP)

"INMASP" is a 4-year EU funded project, implemented in Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia executed by European and African research institutes and development organisations. It is targeting soil, nutrient, water and crop management in East Africa's farming systems. "Farmer Field Schools" (FFS) were established in the particular communities integrating local farmers in the research process with the aim to develop, test and evaluate integrated nutrient management technologies to overcome depletion of soil fertility and to increase soil and crop productivity, improve household food security, income and living conditions of small farmers. The resulting technologies of FSS research were tested at a central learning plot were all farmers meet to learn through observation and monitoring throughout the season using an agro-ecological systems analysis (AESA). Gathered data were used to choose the most appropriate technologies for up scaling on farm and district levels. Farmers could gain experience in environmental conservation, farming system analysis and application of new farming technologies. All these has brought an increase of soil and crop productivity by over 40%. Additionally community based organisations were formed to deal with general problems like community health, caring of HIV orphan, micro credit assistance, etc.

Category: Earth