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Submitted by: Fa. Franz Muggenhumer /Planungsbüro Meier
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Family, career, retirement: the combination passive house for all phases of life

This project involves a barrier-free residential and office passive house with sustainable multiple use. Highly efficient compact devices provide heating, ventilation and hot water. Electricity for HVAC in the household and office is generated by a photovoltaic plant. A rain water utilization facility saves drinking water that would be used, e.g., in toilets. Previous data: 170 m² low-energy house built 10 years ago with ca. € 3000 operating costs for electricity, heating and hot water. Present data: 256 m² combination passive house with operating costs for heating and hot water of €0 and costs of electricity under € 500. In addition, permanently filtered ventilation, a central vacuum cleaning system, and ecological paints provide health benefits for the whole family.

Category: Earth