Submitted by: Dr. Steinmair & Partner Beratende Ingenieure GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Connecting streets, or neighborhood synergy

The kitchen furniture manufacturer EWE (Austria) thermally recycles its production waste, consisting of untreated wood mixed with particle board. The neighboring company Holbe decided to utilize this heat for its site across the street, both as process heat and for heating buildings and water. Both companies profit from this synergy, whose investment costs were amortized in the first year. The savings of some 1,500,000 kWh in the form of oil and 405 tons of CO2 emissions annually speaks for itself. The project should also serve as a catalyst for companies to care more about their commercial neighbors and to do more for communication and good neighborhood. Such projects are innovative and alternative and promote diversity. The technology is economically viable and future-oriented.

Category: Fire