Submitted by: Architekturwerk THE EDGE GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Synergy to make construction energy-efficient, economical and ecological

For their client Errichtergemeinschaft Frühlingsstrasse, the Architekturwerk The Edge gmbH implemented a private residential community for seven families and set new standards for modern community construction and living. The project is distinguished by high energy efficiency and ecology while considering the costs and individual comfort requirements. A central pellets plant and seven decentralized thermal solar units with decentralized storage tanks produce heat and hot water. All houses are equipped with a comfort ventilation unit with earth-based prewarming and heat recovery. In the heating period 2006/07 the heating requirement was 17 kWh/m². The emphasis of all building materials and construction was the use of local resources, i.e., local, unobjectionable and sustainable materials and regional construction firms.

Category: Fire