Submitted by: Samsonwind Erneuerbare Energie GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Salzburg sets new standards with wind power plant at 2000 meters

With the start of construction in 2008, Samson Wind Park Aineck (in the Lungau region of the province of Salzburg, Austria) will become the highest wind park in Europe. The installation will save some 10,000 tons of CO2 annually through a total of 6 MW of power generated in accordance with the Kyoto climate protection goals of some 10,000 residents of Lungau. This will save some 1.5 million liters of fossil fuel annually and supply 3500 households with sustainable energy. With anticipated annual sales of 1 million euro, the plant’s amortization is expected in ca. 8-9 years. A model of participation will allow all interested parties, especially private persons who want to seize the opportunity, for economic participation in the wind harvest in Lungau. Further goals include the realization of projects for innovative renewable energy, as the wind project will be followed by biogas and solar power. Active integration in community life and accompanying tourist utilization are under development.

Category: Fire