Submitted by: BFM Umweltberatung-Forschung-Management GmbH
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Decontaminating ground water with a funnel-and-gate system at gas works in Munich

The former gas works of Munich (Moosach station) supplied the Bavarian capital with gas until 1967 over almost seven decades. After the plant was closed, massive pollution of the substrates with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) that could not be decontaminated was left behind. To avoid seepage of pollutants into the ground water, hydraulic securing of the site became unavoidable. This occurred over many years in that a large amount of energy was spent to pump water from 16 wells. In 2005 the funnel-and-gate system developed by the German Federal Ministry of Finance’s Environmental Consulting Research Management Inc. went into operation; this system cleanses effluent ground water in subterranean active carbon filters. Thus the complete volume of water can be cleansed without the use of pumps and without any electrical energy and the water attains drinking water quality. Furthermore, the cleansed ground water is used for air conditioning in buildings and continuously provides 2 MW of cooling. Due to the completely subterranean installation, it was possible to create a surface biotope of about 2 hectares, which is used as public green space.

Category: Water