Submitted by: Suzlon Energy Limited
Implemented country: India
Title: Largest Windpark in Asia

Suzlon Energy Limited has been instrumental in the growth of wind energy in India. With over 50 percent in market share and over a third of the country’s cumulative capacity, the company has ranked #1 in the country for eight years. On the road to the top, Suzlon marked many firsts and greatest in the field of wind power solutions. Among the most significant was the Vankusavade Wind Park project, which demonstrated the viability and potential of large, centrally operated and maintained windfarm projects in India. Located near the village of what used to be the little-known town of Vankusawade, 20 kilometers from the town of Satara, Maharashtra, the project marked the first large-scale wind park project of its kind in India. On completion, the project featured 566 Suzlon turbines with a total rated capacity of over 200 MW and was the largest wind park of its kind in Asia.

Category: Fire