Submitted by: Velo Mondial
Implemented country: Netherlands
Title: Spicycles as Model of Recycling Policies

The project Spicycles aims to give a positive boost to local recycling policies by showing what can be achieved. The experiences with different types of measures and the results obtained will be disseminated to a wide audience of European cities. The benchmarking work package (WP2) provides the opportunity to other European cities to compare themselves with the Spicycles partners and European frontrunners in recycling policy. The European cities will be able to perform this comparison themselves by using an on-line software tool. The evaluation work package (WP7) will identify the most effective measures and combinations of measures for increasing the possible share of recycling. All Spicycles results will be accessible through the Interactive European Map for Recycling Planning. The map is based on Google earth and allows you to zoom in on the real world.

Category: Air