National Energy Globe Award Malaysia (overall winner)

Submitted by: Christa Hashim
Implemented country: Malaysia
Title: TrEES Community Recycling and Waste Awareness Program in Malaysia

Initiated in 1996, the TrEES Community Recycling and Waste Awareness Programme (Malaysia) plays an important role in educating the public on the 4 R’s of rethink, reduce, re-use and recycle. TrEES works with diverse community groups to establish recycling facilities within charitable organisations and retail outlets. The surrounding community, including residents, businesses and schools, are invited to send their recyclables to the centres. At supermarkets, the public are paid in cash coupons for their recyclables. At the participating charitable organisations, the public donate their recyclables to raise funds for the organizations. In schools, the recycling programme raises funds for the participating schools while educating the students. TrEES has opened over 25 Community Recycling Centres reaching out to over 200,000 residents, recovering over 16,000 tons of material for recycling, and raising more than RM500,000 for participating charities and schools. After receiving seed funding in the initial years, the programme is now self-sustaining.

Category: Earth