National Energy Globe Award Guatemala (overall winner)

Submitted by: Volunteer Peten
Implemented country: Guatemala
Title: Guatemalan Public Reserve Serves Educational Purposes

Located one mile north of San Andrès, Peten, Guatemana, the Parque Ecològico Nueva Juventud is a 150-acre public reserve managed by volunteer Petèn. Its main purpose is education and it serves as an outdoor classroom for local students where they can learn about forest management, ecological reserves, and the flora and fauna of Guatemala. The project goals for the years 2006-2007 are to: 1) reinforce the infrastructure of the park 2) reforest the park and surrounding areas with “guano” palm trees to reestablish their population in the Peten so that the palm leaves can be used again as building material 3) strengthen the environmental educational programs and provide environmental education in the ecological park 4) strengthen the international volunteer program so that it can sustain the economic costs of management of the ecological park.

Category: Earth