World Energy Globe Award (overall winner)
World Energy Globe Award (Earth)
National Energy Globe Award Kenya (overall winner)

Submitted by: Scode
Implemented country: Kenya
Title: Employing solar energy for drying food & gaining income security

In Kenya, 30-40% of vegetables and fruits are lost due to poor post-harvest handling. The lack of firewood, which is necessary for drying and treatment of durable goods, is one of the major reasons for the loss. Since 2002 SCODE (Sustainable Community Development Services) has employed a solar dryer in Kenya for the drying of harvesting produce. The advantages are obvious: solar energy is free and available virtually everywhere. The fresh produce can be made durable in a cheap way and market value will be increased. Through the fast drying process the farmers can raise harvesting production and therefore able to generate additional income. This means up to 50% more productivity. The time needed for collecting firewood before, can now be used for various other activities and deforestation is reduced as well. Currently 30 solar dryers have been installed and 920 farmers have been trained in the use of these. Thirty craftsmen have also been trained in the construction and installation of these solar dryers. The project contributes to an overall improvement of living conditions, family nutrition, environment protection and income generation. At the moment the project is implemented in the Rift Valley in Kenya and has the potential to be duplicated in other areas.

Category: Earth