National Energy Globe Award Peru (overall winner)

Submitted by: Grupo de Apoyo al Sector Rural de la Pontificia Universidad Catolica
Implemented country: Peru
Title: Eco-House in Peru Makes Rural Living Viable

The Casa Ecologica (eco-house) was built on the Campus of the Catholic University in Lima (Peru) and demonstrates with 34 selected technologies how to use resources and energy efficiently and at the same time improve living quality. The eco-house shows efficient lighting and heating; generators driven by photovoltaic, solar and wind power; and the application of solar cookers, dryers, water decontamination, efficient wood stoves, and all kind of pumps. The project also presents generation of motor energy for agricultural mechanization (grinder and bale of pastures), composting, bio-fertilizers, biogas, etc. A focus is put on the utilization of local materials. In addition the house shows how livestock products, vegetable crops, efficient irrigation, organic gardens and drinking water treatment can help to achieve semi-autonomous, healthy living in rural areas. Via publications, manuals, seminars and workshops, a website and volunteers who present all this to people living in remote rural areas, this knowledge is disseminated over the country. More than 2700 families in rural areas have made use of such technologies and benefit from them. The project started nine years ago. In Peru 8.9 million people live in rural areas (35% of population), 60% of which are poor and 24% in terrible living conditions.

Category: Earth