Submitted by: Mokshda Paryavaran Evam Van Suraksha Samiti
Implemented country: India
Title: Mokshda Green Cremation System

About 50 to 60 million trees are burned every year in India for cremating dead bodies, which traditionally takes place outdoor. The Mokshda Green Cremation System (MGCS) is an effective system (with hood and chimney, made of corrosion and thermal shock resistant alloy steel) to reduce the loss of forests by about 75% and minimizing air and water pollution significantly. MGCS System has a life span of about 20 years with minimum maintenance. Twelve units are already in operation and another seven units under installation in India. Proposals of further 25 units are under active consideration in States like Maharashtra, Gujarat, U.P. and Uttaranchal. In addition, medium-size projects of 60 units in 10 cities have been endorsed by the government of India for implementation under Global Environment Facility. On a national level MGCS helps to save 40-45 million trees and to reduce 6 million tons of C02 emissions and reduces local budges, making the system affordable to people below the poverty line. It also generates employment.

Category: Air