Submitted by: Ecuba Srl /Marcello Antinucci
Implemented country: Italy
Title: Sustainable Energy Investment Projects for Local Economic Development

The general objective of Sustainable Energy Investment Projects for Local Economic Development (SEIPLED) is to demonstrate that sustainable energy investment projects characterized by a positive local economic development impact can be advanced to the level of implementation using contributions from Structural Funds (SF) or other regional public resources. The partners will demonstrate the viability of integrated projects where the sustainable energy dimension reinforces local development aspects. They will assist the beneficiary to integrate sustainable energy issues into projects funded by SF as well as to transfer knowledge to all EU local energy agencies and involve more directly at least 64 already active external contacts. The involved partners will cover all steps of the project, so that the final output will add knowledge on how energy can be successfully integrated into local development programs. The planning phase will provide well documented project plans supported by pilot case studies and suitable for effective dissemination through the project website and to the active contacts, who will be regularly informed during all project steps.

Category: Fire