National Energy Globe Award Senegal (overall winner)

Submitted by: CRESP (Center of Ressources for the Emergence Social Participative)
Implemented country: Senegal
Title: Solar Cooker Project in Senegal

The 1970s and the 80s were marked by repeated episodes of droughts in Senegal. This situation of ecological deterioration was characterized by pluviometrical deficit (abnormally low levels of precipitation) and accelerated exploitation of natural resources; deforestation was one of the results. This remains a complicated obstacle for sustainable development in Senegal, whose economy depends largely on agricultural efforts. Thus the World Microfinance Fund (MFP/ WEF) financed a solar ovens project in the neighborhood of Ndiop in Ngaye Mekhe in the region of Thies. The project aims to promote sustainable environmental development by reducing the utilization of firewood through the production of solar ovens and by facilitating effective participation of the population in the effort to restore plant coverage.

Category: Air