National Energy Globe Award Colombia (overall winner)

Submitted by: Generadora Union S.A. E.S.P. and Aguas de la Cabana S. A. E.S.P.
Implemented country: Colombia
Title: Agua Fesca Multipurpose Project in Columbia

Agua Fresca Multipurpose Project is administered by the Department of Antioquia in the jurisdiction of Jericó and Fredonia Municipalities in the Republic of Columbia. In it first stage, it is a hydroelectric generation project with an installed capacity of 7.49 MW and an annual production of 63.3 GWh. Its second stage consists of the construction of a regional aqueduct to provide water for human consumption and for irrigation to the lands and settlements located in the Cauca River canyon between La Pintada and Bolombolo, harnessing the hydrological resource contributed by the Piedras River, and thus promoting tourism and the agro-industrial development of the region. Besides generating clean electric energy for the national grid with minimal environmental impact, the project produces Carbon Emission Reduction Certificates and is the first Colombian project ever to be registered by the UNFCCC.

Category: Water