Submitted by: India Canada Environment Facility (ICEF)
Implemented country: India
Title: Community-Based Renewable Energy Projects

This submission consists of two projects in India: 1. Considering the rapid growth in the demand for electricity on Sagar Island, WBREDA proposed to install an additional 500 kW of new generating capacity from wind turbines. The wind turbines and the existing 500kW diesel generator will work in an integrated manner through a controller that would enable utilization of wind energy whenever the wind resource is available. People will get electricity at lower cost and also from an energy source that is environment-friendly. 2. At Durbuck (Ladakh district) the project has installed a 100 kW solar grid power plant to replace the existing diesel power station. The existing distribution lines would be retained to supply electricity to the population. For the harsh winters, 1000 households would be encouraged to use solar cookers. For community applications, solar water pumping for drinking water, and medical centers with solar medicine storage facilities were proposed.

Category: Fire