Submitted by: India Canada Environment Facility (ICEF)
Implemented country: India
Title: Greening of Brick Industry in India

The project, a joint venture between India-Canada Environment Facility and Development Alternatives, proposes a market build-up through demonstration of Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln technology (VSBK). The unique selling proposition of the VSBK is its energy efficiency with demonstrated energy savings of at least 50% in comparison to the best conventional kilns. Further, air pollution is reduced by at least a factor of five using this technology. A multi-stakeholder platform has been built of brick associations, policy makers and regulatory agencies. The regulatory agencies are in the process of drafting separate emission standards for the VSBK. A fully operational commercial service center is in place, providing hardware, supplies and services to VSBK entrepreneurs. The project also handles the certification and endorsement of VSBK technology along with the certification of manpower for firing. A system has been built for sharing of information, products and technical updates across the stakeholder network, brick entrepreneurs and the VSBK service center.

Category: Earth