Submitted by: Dryden Aqua Ltd.
Implemented country: United Kingdom
Title: Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization of Small-Scale Industrial Units in Kolkata Metropolitan Area

The project was developed by West Bengal Pollution Control Board (WBPCB) and India-Canada Environment Facility (ICEF) along the lines that reduction of particular matter will be achieved through changing fuel quality (from coal to oil/gas), stricter emission standards for boilers and ceramic kilns. Further, the project provides training and generates awareness among the industrial workers in these small units to enable them to efficiently use cleaner fuel-fired equipment. The project has achieved desirable results so far such as there has been 98% reduction of particulate emission in 264 units and 214 units are complying with environmental standards for air. Similarly 102 industrial workers were trained and an estimated 617 workers have benefited from the training programs.

Category: Water