National Energy Globe Award Bulgaria (overall winner)

Submitted by: Intereco 21
Implemented country: Bulgaria
Title: Large-Scale Composting in Letnitsa

The project was realized with the mobilization of several institutions and workforce participants, the whole Letnitsa (Bulgaria) population, the municipal authorities and UNDP Opportunities 21st Century. The idea of widespread composting in Letnitsa came from the mayor and was approved by the municipal council. In the first and second parts of the project, three main objectives were set: 1) the use of waste biomass and its conversion into organic fertilizer for production of ecologically clean products; 2) the employment of socially disadvantaged workers, especially ethnic minorities from Letnitsa who received practical and theoretical training in composting; 3) the use of technological know-how to assure high-quality compost that is competitive on the market.

Category: Earth