Submitted by: World Agroforestry Centre
Implemented country: Kenya
Title: Fodder Shrubs as Livestock Feed

In 2006 nearly 100,000 African farmers will feed their diary animals a novel form of high-protein feed that local people refer to as fodder shrubs. Studies show that over a one-year period, participating farmers can produce enough extra milk to increase profits by US$ 100 per cow – a significant sum in a region where dollar-a-day-poverty is often the norm. Experience has shown that even a small investment in fodder shrubs produces high returns. In Kenya a recent investment of $ 150,000 by development aid agencies resulted in nearly 20,000 farmers planting 4 million shrubs that generated profits of nearly $ 800,000 per year. Researchers and development workers involved in fodder shrub research and development are confident that the approaches used in Kenya and in other pilot countries can be used to help 500,000 additional farmers – roughly half of the dairy producers in East Africa – to adopt fodder shrub technology by 2010.

Category: Earth