Submitted by: VstAb -Verein der steirischen AbfallberaterInnen
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Area-Wide Information and Purchase of Ecological Office Items

In Styrian (Austria) townships, a considerable part of annual budgets is invested in the purchase of products and services. Besides the financial aspect, the quality of the procured services and products, such as serviceability and environmental features, plays an important role. Public departments have several possibilities to meet legal requirements, to contribute to environmental and climate protection, and thereby to act as role models. Unfortunately, it entails much effort to keep up with the state of the art concerning ecological investments and much administration effort as well. In cooperation with the Styrian Waste Management Association, the club OBST offers all municipalities in Styria a new service, including an area-wide ecologically procurement of office and copy paper. The new part of the project idea is that the club not only deals with information but with concrete practical help.

Category: Earth