Submitted by: Mobiel 21 vzw Coordinator of the e-ATOMIUM project
Implemented country: Belgium
Title: e-ATOMIUM Increases Competency in Sustainable Energy in Transportation

e-Atomium aims to increase the knowledge and competencies of energy agencies, energy advice centers and local authority energy professionals in the field of sustainable energy use in transport. Thus e-Atomium has adopted the following approach: Analyze existing knowledge, experiences, needs and aspirations of the target group and examine competencies and skills necessary to work on sustainable energy in transport. Set up didactic strategies and develop training and educational material on four aspects of transport and energy savings (selected in co-operation with the target group): awareness raising, transport demand management, mobility management and alternative fuels. Implement the four training modules in six countries (Belgium, Italy, UK, Netherlands, France and Ireland). To guarantee transferability of the training to all EU countries and to ensure continuous quality control, key representatives of energy agencies are involved during the entire project lifespan.

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