Submitted by: Ormat Systems Ltd.
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Organic Rankine Cycle Power Plant implemented at Cement Production Plant in Germany

Electricity generation in the cement industry is not in itself considered as a breakthrough in technology. Several heat recovery systems using 400ºC preheater gases as well as 300ºC clinker cooler air enabled a conventional steam-based cycle to operate. In some cases these systems are still operating in the industry. However, as a result of continuous improvements in cement production technology and especially due to major improvements in the grate cooler technology, the potential efficiencies of the conventional steam cycles in cement applications have dropped significantly. In some cases, i.e., in Lengfurt (Germany), this has even led to the complete shutdown and dismantling of the system. The need to replace the conventional steam cycle in the heat recovery systems of the cement industry led to implementation of the Organic Rankine Cycle. Extremely successful in the renewable energy sector, mainly in geothermal power production, a 1.5 MW air-cooled ORMAT® Energy Converter was installed for the first time in 1999 at the Heidelberg Cement plant in Lengfurt.

Category: Air