National Energy Globe Award Switzerland (overall winner)

Submitted by: Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund
Implemented country: Switzerland
Title: M-Budget-Cars by Migros for Carsharing in Switzerland

The project deals with the promotion of carsharing as a sustainable and innovative kind of mobility. 75 M-Budget cars were added to the present carsharing fleet and to provide mobility especially for young people and households with low income. M-Budget products are the cheapest and leanest in the Migros assortment. They have become cult items in Switzerland and highlight the advantages of carsharing, such as common usage of environmentally friendly cars. These guarantee lowest fuel consumption and consequently less CO2 emissions. The key is the higher efficiency of each car, thus the lower first and second car costs in households, which saves the environment effectively. M-Budget cars enhance the popularity of carsharing, result in a bigger clientele due to cheaper sharing, reduce CO2 emissions and innovatively promote a message of sustainability in combination with a cult brand.

Category: Air