Submitted by: CDM Consultant Indonesia
Implemented country: Indonesia
Title: Fuel Switching from Coal to Biomass at Small Power Station in Indonesia

The project is aimed at blending the raw materials for power generation in order to save costs and to contribute to a cleaner environment by fulfilling the Kyoto Protocol. With admixing biomass - consisting of rice hulk, saw dust and bagasse (from sugar cane) - as renewable energy components, many advantages can be exploited. Due to the maximum distance of 200 kilometers around the power plant, biomass can be delivered within acceptable costs and furthermore save approximately 20% of total operating costs. This percentage is significantly featured by implementing co-firing of 70% coal and 30% biomass. The reduction of coal firing also results in fewer emissions for an annual saving of 65,000 tons of CO2. Benefits of the adopted low-technology arise in the social sector as well: new jobs for people living near the rice farmers and cleaner local air.

Category: Air