National Energy Globe Award Philippines (overall winner)

Submitted by: Bytex Information Technology and Engineering Services
Implemented country: Philippines
Title: Continuing Broad-Based Renewable Energy Programme

The programme was created in 1992 to facilitate the widespread use of environmentally friendly, efficient and economical energy systems. As of 2006, the programme has developed and supported five software programs for design and feasibility analysis of photovoltaic systems, biogas plants and wind pumps and distributed a biogas plant design book. One invention describing two solar battery charging stations has won an award and is now used for solar electrification. Within the project, 700 houses, 19 barangay (community) centers, 20 streets and 26 livelihood industries became solar-powered. The project promoted the commercialization of biogas plants and rice hull stoves with MSU-ANEC, which solved sanitation problems of streets and canals in Langcap and Marawi City and problems along the shores of the 2600 square kilometer Lake Lanao in southern Philippines. The project has also assisted student group researchers with their work on solar-powered vehicles and refrigerators.

Category: Water