Submitted by: Fundacion Ecologia y Desarrollo
Implemented country: Spain
Title: Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Plants Financed by Joint Investments

Nowadays photovoltaic (PV) energy finds significant support in some European countries. However, the technology still requires high investment costs as well as legal and administrative obstacles for people willing to invest in this clean energy. deSOLaSOL aims to minimize these barriers and to enable easier joint investments in grid-connected PVplants for interested stakeholders (individuals, small organizations, SMEs, etc.). The project plans a joint-investment scheme that allows many people to involve themselves as direct participants of a sustainable energy model and to act as information disseminators. It is indeed an excellent opportunity for people and organizations willing to concretize their environmental commitment. Running from January to December 2007, deSOLaSOL will analyze all relevant procedural aspects, assess good practices and provide useful tools in order to foster the deployment of jointly-owned grid-connected PV plants. It will organize a European-wide dissemination campaign and set up a thematic discussion network.

Category: Fire