Submitted by: Phoenix Navigation & Guidance Inc.
Implemented country: United States
Title: Revolution in Solar, Wind & Fire Technologies for Personal Energy Production

Two billion people are without electricity; planetary degradation is caused by unsustainable energy consumption. The problem with the world is not poverty but run-away greed of the rich and would-be rich. PNGinc’s founders are empowering small-scale manufacturers to bring personal power production to remote areas. The company specializes in low-cost turbine-related solutions and systems designs based on the Triangle of Energy Life, a balanced mix of the universal energy sources sun, wind and fire. Through a series of illustrated how-to articles on compact discs, PNGinc is transferring 21st century power technology to developing countries. First in the series, “Experimenter’s 4.5" DIY Tesla Turbine Project” CD contains detailed drawings, photos & CAD files used for building an industrial-quality disc turbine using small shop tools.

Category: Fire