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Submitted by: S.D.E Ltd.
Implemented country: Israel
Title: Wave Power Plants for Israel

SDE is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of leading-edge wave power stations utilizing ocean wave energy to produce electrical power. The company has designed a proprietary technology for production of electricity through harvesting ocean wave motion even in the harshest weather conditions. The uniqueness of this method lies in the fact that it promises a clean source of energy and high utilization. Where other methods reach a 1 kW/h/m output per meter of shoreline, in SDE’s method the proven output has reached 8 kW/h/m and shortly should reach 40 KW/h/m. This method has been patented and approved in the United States and is protected in most countries with new patent registrations. The project is approved and partially financed by the Chief Scientist of Israel.

Category: Fire