Submitted by: United Moslem Women Association Living With HIV/Aids
Implemented country: Uganda
Title: Skills Training For People with HIV/AIDS

People living with HIV/AIDS are sometimes weakened so that they cannot do adequate work to provide for their families. The main source of income in the region is farming, which requires a lot of energy to be successful. An infected person may not have the energy to work effectively. Skills training can easily be replicated among the family members. It is a common practice that when one member of the family has a skill such as carpentry or tailoring, other family members will learn the skills. They assist the trained person to the limits of their skills. Other community members will also be interested in learning the skills, especially when they are aware that there is steady income in the trade. The objectives are to increase household income by getting people involved in income-generating activities, to acquire the necessary skills in tailoring/craft making, catering and restaurant business to enable them to be self sustaining and to increase the skills and capacity of families and communities to mobilize their own income-generating activities, thereby enhancing their ability to care for the family.

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