National Energy Globe Award Cuba (overall winner)

Submitted by: Energy for Cuba - Verein zur Förderung Erneuerbarer Energien in der 3. Welt
Implemented country: Cuba
Title: Laboratory for Renewable Energy in Cuba with Austrian Support

A Group of alumni from a polytechnic school in Austria wanted to apply their knowledge for a better world. In the end of 2002 they decided to help exploited countries in the range of renewable energy. Cuba fulfilled all the criteria. In 2004 they arranged a meeting with an interested professor from the University of Santiago de Cuba in order to concretize a project. Afterwards, contact to sustainable companies and educational institutions in Austria was intensified to clarify and ensure the needed goods. The elaborated aims include the construction of a laboratory for renewable energies, the initiation of a technology exchange between the countries, and the launch of the eco-energy studies as well as a student exchange program. The laboratory should comprise all the required technology, meeting the state of the art in the field of research and supply itself with energy. Financial and transport problems could be solved with great help from sponsors, associations and organizations. Solab is just the beginning; further projects are already in progress.

Category: Youth