Submitted by: Arua Young Urban Living with and affected by HIV/AIDS/ TB (Northern Uganda - East Africa)
Implemented country: Uganda
Title: Environmental protection Training Project for Secondary and Primary Schools within West Nile region

The west Nile region in northern Uganda where has experienced 20 years of rebel activities that have caused social, economic and political suffering in the region. However, it’s bordered by the Congo and Sudan; comprises of seven districts with an average population of about 530000 people. This project will be piloted in Arua particularly and west Nile at large. The environmental protection training shall be conducted mainly in ten secondary schools and five primary schools as piloting sites for the project. Therefore the target group shall be teachers and students of these schools. This environmental protection training project will run six months and will be implemented by Arua Young Urban Living with and Affected by HIV/AIDS/TB.

Category: Youth