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Implemented country: India
Title: Biodiesel Production in India From Jatropha Crops

The project aims at cultivating jatropha plants for biodiesel production. In comparison to conventional plants used for fuel production, this crop does not need irrigation, is weatherproof (unaffected by drought or heavy rainfall) and is well-protected against animals because of its toxic contents. The jatropha tree can be used for up to 50 years. Mahesh Jani has been working on implementing the plant in India since 2001 in order to promote and cheapen biodiesel production as well as to support local farmers who cannot survive on normal agriculture any more. The tree contains a variety of substances, besides oil, that could be used for soap, candle, raw plastic, lubricants, fertilizer, varnish or cancer medicine. The project foresees a global (or at least large-scale) planting on cost-free land in India. Costs for planting, research and production remain an open issue.

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