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Submitted by: Graduate School of Bioresource Sciences, Nihon Univ Architectuure Regional Ecological Design Studio
Implemented country: Japan
Title: Environmental and Economic Cycle with Wood Pellets in Japan

This project strives to construct an environmental and economic cycle in the city of Iide (Japan). The authors designed a regional energy plan for wood pellets, including residents and municipal participation. First, the available area to produce the raw material of wood pellets was verified by GIS and the production costs of the wood pellets were calculated at the lowest possible price by using common forest and including various subsidies. Next, we evaluated the use of pellet stoves in ordinary family houses. As a result, we were able to establish the superiority of pellet stoves in terms of comfort and room climate in comparison to oil stoves. And an environmental symbiosis model house was introduced, the Iide type, which is supplied by different renewable energy technologies. As a result, the possibility of local production and local consumption of woody biomass energy was suggested as an action plan for the region.

Category: Fire