World Energy Globe Award (Water)
National Energy Globe Award United States (overall winner)

Submitted by: The Xextex Corporations, USA
Implemented country: United States
Title: The Xextex (x-TEX) Project

X-TEX is a unique non-polar filtration system with a multitude of environmental, marine and industrial applications. Using recycled plastic and state-of-the-art textile technology, its patented recycled synthetic fiber blend is transformed into a lipophilic filtration system with an enormous surface area and interstitial spaces, creating a high-performance cost-effective absorbent and filter system. X-TEX is easily tailored to fit any form or design specification. X-TEX absorbs more than ten times its weight of hydrocarbons and non-polar organics. Hydrocarbons adhere instantly to X-TEX and are not removed by water. Highly efficient uses include: oil spills – where oil can be recovered and the X-TEX re-used, oil production, oil/water separators, storm water filtration, bilge cleaning, cartridge filtration, erosion control and other geo-textile and shoreline protection applications. When combined with the anti-microbial action of X-TEX-AM, it is also highly effective in the timely removal of bacteria. The properties of X-TEX and X-TEX-AM make both products a powerful delivery system for oil and bacteria removal in our global water systems.

Category: Water