Submitted by: Oekotherm Heiz- und Klimasysteme GmbH
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Austria's First Plus-Energy Company Building

Uncomplicated means suffice in order to produce more energy than needed. Thermal solar cells store solar power in the base plate and soil, which is used in colder times for additional heating by means of heat pumps. Energy from a photovoltaic-plant supplies the pumps. Ökotherm set a milestone in their own company’s history as they established their office and production building in October 2005. All four types of heat pumps were installed in the company building, which produces heat pumps among other things. Presently the effectiveness of soil direct vaporization, deep boring, groundwater and air pumps can be presented to costumers. Photovoltaic cells as well as thermal solar cells supply the pumps with energy and generate a pleasant climate on 1750 m² of the company property. Ventilation systems and exhausts provide warm and fresh air. This is an efficient step toward the Kyoto protocol.

Category: Earth