Submitted by: Autonome Provinz Bozen, Landesamt für Luft und Lärm
Implemented country: Italy
Title: KlimaHaus as Seal of Energy Efficiency

The project was developed to support energy efficiency and sustainability in house construction. Through best possible transparency, the consumer should be able to recognize its interests and insist on quality. KlimaHaus is a win/win project: on the one hand the consumer has less energy costs and higher living comfort; on the other hand, less toxic waste and CO2 emissions promote better environmental and climate protection. Whether a building is classified as KlimaHaus is a question of energy conservation and not of the design. Characteristics of a KlimaHaus include compact design, good thermal insulation, thermally insulated windows, avoidance of heat exchange, use of solar energy, and optimized building services. A KlimaHaus seal assures the overall energy efficiency of a house and has become a precondition in South Tyrol for the construction of a new building.

Category: Earth