National Energy Globe Award Israel (overall winner)

Submitted by: State Of Israel / Ministry of National Infrastructures / The Negev Development Agency
Implemented country: Israel
Title: Bedouin Village Drigat as First Solar Energy Project in Negev Desert

The aim of the project was to deliver electricity all day long to improve the standard and the quality of life among the Bedouin. Their village is not connected to the electricity grid; the inhabitants use small old inefficient diesel generators of 26-60 KW each during 4-5 hours a day. Using old generators causes pollution and inefficiency in production and consumption of electricity. They need electricity for lighting, food cooling, fans, TV, radio, computers and laundry. Their overall consumption is very low. A requirements analysis determined that each household would be covered adequately with a 1 kW solar array installation with a 3-day backup through batteries. After 3 months operating during winter and some local storms, the project is successful from a technical and consumer point of view. The families that already have solar electricity are delighted and the rest of the villagers hope to have a solar installation as well.

Category: Fire