Submitted by: Solarcomplex GmbH
Implemented country: Germany
Title: Energy Autonomy for Lake Constance West Shore

The long-range aim of this holistic energy project, managed by Solarcomplex GmbH (a citizen-managed company with about 200 stockholders), is to fully cover the energy requirements of the western region of Lake Constance (Germany) with sustainable energy from local renewable energy sources by 2030. A specially created study of the potential is used as a clean energy agenda for projects and public initiatives; e.g., numerous solar plants on public and private buildings were constructed, which together supply more than 2 Mio kWh, energy for more than 600 households. An independently financed 600,000 kWh biogas plant was built; its heat additionally helps to save 20,000 liters of fossil fuel annually. The reactivated hydropower plant Musikinsel Singen is providing 700,000 kWh, and other similar water power projects are planned.

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