World Energy Globe Award

Submitted by: Sibol ng Agham at Teknolohiya Inc.
Implemented country: Philippines
Title: Community-based renewable energy systems in Philippines

SIBAT has installed 15 micro-hydropower plants and is developing 8 more with a total generating capacity of 330 kW to provide energy to poor upland indigenous communities for lighting, rice/corn mills, sugarcane press, and livelihood activities, while the tailrace water is used for irrigation of croplands. SIBAT has also installed six solar-powered water pumping facilities of water systems for drinking and irrigation needs of upland indigenous farmers. SIBAT has just recently installed small wind turbines for water pumping and electricity generation. SIBAT’s community-based renewable energy systems are small, decentralized power supply systems established through multi-stakeholder efforts in poor Philippine rural communities mostly inhabited by indigenous peoples; the systems have a tangible impact on their economy, education and health, and lessen the burdens on women and children. The communities manage and maintain these small renewable energy systems, ensure the benefits to households and communities, and protect the watersheds that supply water to the micro-hydro plants.

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