Submitted by: Anil Kane
Implemented country: India
Title: Gulf of Khambhat development project

This concept involves the closure of the Gulf of Khambhat in Gujarat (India) in order to establish the nation’s largest artificial fresh water lake and simultaneously to generate 5800 MW of power with a tidal power plant. The project merges two successfully running water and energy projects: (a) Ijsselmeer Project in the Netherlands and (b) a tidal power plant by EDF in La Rance, France. In addition, 400,000 hectares of salinated land can be recovered. This presents new opportunities for fresh water fishing, shortens the distance between Saurashtra and the mainland by 280 km both by street and by rail, and enables the construction of a weather-independent international harbor. All these possibilities arise without any conflict with neighboring countries, without flooding any land whatsoever, without resettling inhabitants, without fuel for generators. A feasibility study by Haskoning Consulting Engineers and Architects of the Netherlands concluded that the project can be realized technically and economically.

Category: Fire