National Energy Globe Award Lithuania (overall winner)

Submitted by: Institute of Environmental Engineering (APINI), Kaunas University of Technology
Implemented country: Lithuania
Title: SPIN promotes green development of Lithuanian industry

In 1997 the Institute for Environmental Engineering (APINI), Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania developed SPIN (System for Preventive Energy Saving & Waste Minimization Innovation Development and Implementation) with the purpose of promoting development and implementation of energy-saving and waste-avoiding preventive innovations. A pool of APINI experts and the financing institution Nordic Environment Finance Corp. help various industrial enterprises to finance green production options. Because the technologies are individually adapted with respect to materials, energy flow and environmental impact based on Environment Management Accounting (EMA), the system is flexible and can be applied at various levels in a company. With the help of SPIN, 141 innovations and projects in 69 companies have been realized and collectively save 90 875 MWh of energy annually.

Category: Fire