National Energy Globe Award Eritrea (overall winner)

Submitted by: Ministry of Energy and Mines
Implemented country: Eritrea
Title: Improved ovens for baking bread

Eritrea is located in the Sub-Saharan desert where the availability of wood is scarce. Eritrea has been cooking on the traditional Mogogo stove for centuries. It is simple home manufactured oven made of clay. No women will cook with out it. Injera is a soft and mainly local food like pancake made of flour fermented for three days. Injera contains a lot of water that needs much energy to evaporate it in cooking session. Furthermore it is inefficient, smoky, and leads therefore to deforestation, and diminished standards of living. When wood supplies are used up, dung is used for cooking fuel instead of agricultural fertilizer. The smoke, traditional stoves emit, causes eye and lung disease for most women and their children. The traditional Mogogo also sits on the floor-level and is open, putting children at risk for potential stove burns. While the improved stove is constructed above the ground level and no danger to children plus the stove is three times as efficient as typical traditional Eritrean wood stoves. The traditional stove efficiency is only 5-7 but the improved stove is above 25% efficiency.

Category: Fire