National Energy Globe Award Sudan (overall winner)

Submitted by: Salih Hamedto
Implemented country: Sudan
Title: Mobile water treatment stations secure the drinking water supply in small rural communities in Sudan

Solar Energy Enterprises Co Ltd. designed a drinking water filtering plant for remote rural communities in Sudan. The autonomous small unit is extremely robust and easy to transport and operate. In addition, the development of the unit employed locally available materials and technologies. With a low energy requirement of 3 kVA, which is supplied by a small generator, clean water can be provided at a rate of 8000-12,000 liters/hour for up to 5000 people using various water sources ranging from rivers to swamps. The design consists of a small pump, a stationary basin in which initial sedimentation is removed, a mixing tank, a small metering pump, two sand filters and a collection tank with connections for a water tower. In the collection tank, at the end of the water filtering process, chlorine is manually added to conclude the water disinfection. Today five units have been installed and operated in Northern and Southern Sudan. Two more units have been manufactured and are awaiting dispatch to Northern Sudan.

Category: Water